Insurance Industry Contributing to the Green Movement

The green movement affects every industry, even the insurance industry, which gobbles up huge quantities of paper every year. Most of the paper should be replaced with digital documents, saving trees and energy, and eliminating the wastes associated with transporting paper documents.

The insurance industry could avoid wasting huge amounts of paper every year. We advocate converting to maximum use of digital documents at every opportunity. It doesn’t take much imagination to give clients an option to receive their documents digitally rather than mailing mountains of paper every year. Who wouldn’t rather get their insurance documents in a digital format where they can be easily stored and rapidly retrieved? There is still a lot of room for making more use of paperless policies, applications, documents, and forms.

Going digital would save a lot of fuel, by skipping the transportation of paper also. Mailing and shipping insurance documents burns tons of energy every year. Much of that could be avoided.

I was browsing the website when it occurred to me to investigate what the insurance industry can be doing about green living. There is a lot of work to do, and I am pleased to see some industry leaders want to get into action. For example, the insurance Journal recently reported that the Environmental Defense Fund and Calif. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has recognized Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co. for contribution to “green” movement.

Fireman’s Fund is reported to offer green building owners a 5 percent discount on the policy premium for LEED-certified buildings. Vegetated roofs, plumbing and electrical systems, commissioning and the costs for green recertification fees for previously certified buildings are all included coverages that fill the gaps in traditional insurance policies. The company’s commercial insurance division has expanded its green offerings to include historic buildings, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing facilities and commercial auto. The specialty insurance division also offers green coverage for commercial buildings that are under construction.

Hopefully they are also working on transmitting more and more of their documents digitally, also.