Insurance Marketing – How to Write Insurance Articles For Trade Journals

Due to the fact that trade journals are having a hard time during the recession, and losing subscribers due to businesses failing, more and more of these publications are turning towards their readers and folks in the industry Association to write articles and content. If you pick up a trade Journal in almost any industry today you will find articles about insurance, written by an individual who specializes in that particular industry sector niche in providing insurance for the businesses that participate in that field.

There is a huge demand for insurance articles and articles like that in the trade journals, as they are trying to cut costs, and get rid of expensive reporter salaries. In fact, if you call the publisher of nearly any trade Journal and offer your writing services, and show them the byline you intend to use, you will be surprised how many of them will take you up on submitting a free article to their publication.

But you must be careful, not to submit boilerplate articles to these trade journals, rather what you need to do is to custom tailor your article to the industry, and speak directly to the business owners that have operate their businesses in that industry. In fact, you need to be very careful to give them information that they don’t already know about, which is very hard if someone has been in an industry for two or more decades.

Lastly, you must make sure you are totally accurate, as if you write anything that is not correct, or questionable you will be called onto the carpet and you will see that there will be follow-up letters to the editor in the next edition. I’ve watched many businessmen who have written “filler type” insurance articles in these types of publications, only to be slammed and “belittled” in the next edition. Please consider all this.