It’s Time To Get To Work! Insurance Industry Expecting Increase in Jobs and Sales

The insurance industry is on FIRE! While many industries are struggling with job growth, the insurance industry is not only expecting to see a growth in revenue but an increase in job opportunities.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who is out of work, just graduated college or even high school to land a career that could yield a six-figure income.

The Insurance Journal reported that 54.5 percent of companies said they intend to increase staff, and 77.4 expect to experience a growth in revenue.

The Mid-Year Insurance Labor Market Study also found that if the insurance industry follows through with their plans that there will be a one percent increase in industry employment in the next 12 months.

In fact, this is the third straight study that has noted that the primary reason to increase staff over the next year is due to increases in business volume.

Due to the recession and subsequent stock market crisis, many people lost heavily on stocks, making whole-life insurance policies look like better financial options for their family. That has created an opportunity for insurance companies to sell more insurance, thus driving the need for more agents.

LIMRA reported that the number of U.S. life-insurance agents affiliated with a specific company today is down nearly a third since the 1970s, to 174,000, which leaves plenty of room for new employment opportunities.

“As the more than 7.83 million Baby Boomers parade toward age 60, life insurance will become in demand from this generation, as they will be focused on taking care of their Generation X and Generation Y family members,” noted about the expected increase in life insurance productivity.

The life insurance industry is a great option for anyone that wants to be out in the field, meeting people, building teams and have the ability to earn a six-figure income. As the insurance industry is experiencing an upswing in productivity, the key to success will be catching and riding that wave.

If you want to work with insurance carriers like ING, Baltimore Life, Fidelity and Guaranty, Mutual of Omaha, and other companies with “A” class ratings or above from A.M. Best, which is the top financial rating company in the world, act fast and start building a business with a foundation stronger than ever.

It’s time to get to work! Don’t let this employment wave pass you by and miss an opportunity for financial freedom!