Marketing Your Insurance Firm Through Trade Journal Articles

One of the best ways an insurance professional can market their business is to use informational soft-marketing strategies. By providing information to their potential customers and clientele they will find themselves respected and a trusted source for information on insurance issues. Often, when consulting with commercial insurance agencies and agents that specialize in a few various specific niches, I recommend that they do a good bit of marketing by way of article writing in trade journals.

This is a lot easier than it might seem actually and there are a couple of strategies that I recommend coming from both a marketing and writing background. When I speak with insurance professionals about marketing their businesses, I remind them that all businesses need insurance and all business owners and decision makers read trade journals. And right now all trade journals need content for their publications.

You must understand in hard economic times there is less advertising for trade journals and thus, they must cut staff and costs. This means many writers are out of work and the Trade Journals are much more likely to seek filler articles to bulk up their publications. This you opportunity to get your name in front of entire groups of business owners and you can become the “go to” guy or gal for all their insurance needs.

The more relevant insurance information you give to their particular industry sector the more appreciated your articles will be, this guarantees you future entries. Now some trade journal filler articles will be identical almost no matter what the industry.

Sure, you’ll see a custom tailored lead paragraph, a couple mentions in the middle and a modified ending paragraph for the industry, but you need to be a little more niche oriented to make it all work. So, please consider all this as you continue your informational selling strategies through trade journal articles.